WHO WE AREThe Injured Angel Movement is a foundation focused on the “Foundation of this Country”…Our elderly citizens

WHY WE AREThe United States of America is one of the few countries that place so little value on the very people who have worked and contributed to make us the outstanding nation we are today. If we are to continue as a prosperous country, we must realize the need for respect and proper care for our elderly. Ignoring the conditions under which some of our elderly are living is only going to cause us grief as a nation. We cannot continue to build on a weak foundation. We must strengthen our foundation by providing better care, support and love to our elderly.

THE REALITYnot all of us have children, but we all have parents. We’ve all had an older person who helped raise us, mentor us and get us to this point in life.  It may not have always been the life we wanted, dreamed of or imagined, but someone cared enough about us throughout this journey for us to be here today. Let us show our appreciation by being supportive and active.

THE MISSIONis to achieve a successful movement that will recognize, uplift and provide needed support to many of our forgotten angels. Through minimal contributions from everyday people, we can make a difference that will be felt in the hearts of all who decide to be involved with this cause.