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 lucky we all get a chance or two at Love. I would hate to think what life would be without some good loving. But if you have lived long enough, you know like I do that Love does not always mean good sex and good sex most definitely doesn’t equal up to love. If you are one of the fortunate ones you have had the privilege of being in Love AND having great sex simultaneously! I HAVE been that lucky! In this book I will share with you some of my most delicious sex secrets and recipes. Some might think this to be an odd combination, but I know after the first few pages of this book you will be diving into the idea of how sex and food go hand and hand. Surely, once you have tried one of the recipes you will be ready for the sequel to this book. :)


Just like when making love I want you to take your time with this book, I want you to caress its every page and enjoy every moment of it from beginning to end. Don’t rush it...I’m right here with you...shall we begin?

In life we all come across many things, some good... some bad; but if we are

Sexcapades + Recipes