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Chrystale Wilson is an Atlanta, Georgia native, who spent most of

her school years in Northern California. Chrystale was born to perform however her mother wasn’t always supportive of her dreams to pursue a un-traditional path to success and stardom. Wanting to please her mother yet not lose sight of her own life goals Chrystale developed a gift for living a dual life. She worked at Joseph Cooper personal injury law firm during the day and at Sacboy Production Studio in the evenings.


“Sacboy Production Studios” was the premier studio for much of Bay Area talent. So while working with both established and up & coming artist, Chrystale was in the position to learn about the industry she loved. Most people don’t know Chrystales’ first passion was hip-hop and it was this passion that sharpened her skills as a writer, performer and coined her to be a risk taker. In 1989, Her risk taking attitude caught the eye of a popular concert promoter which lead her to be an opening act at an NWA Concert. It was Chrystales’ first time meeting entertainment icon Ice Cube, but it wouldn’t be her last! Chrystale continued to do concerts in the Bay Area either solo, with her rap partner Crystal of “Twice as Nice” or her rap group “The Clit” a raw, no nonsense group of beautiful young women, that was also the brainchild of Chrystale. Being creative and cutting edge before her time did not go unnoticed. The lyricist was being looked at as a serious contender to join a female group L.A. Reed had signed, TLC; Her group “The CLIT” was also being considered for a record deal with a Bay Area heavyweight who was in the market for a girls group. Chrystale felt the opportunity with high profile Bay Area entertainer would be the way to go, this way her friends could be a part of the success. Unfortunately before things could take off, Chrystale was involved in an automobile accident at the hands of the Bay Area rappers entourage! Chrystale suffered physical trauma that took months of rehabilitation but it was the mental scars that would change her life forever.


Having such a tarnished image of one of the rap greats and experiencing one disappointing event after another. Chrystale found herself unsure about the fast life the entertainment industry had to offer. So she focused on her college studies and furthering her career in law.


In college she was approached by theater professor, Michael Benjamin; who noticed something special about Ms. Wilson. He asked that she join his theater class, Chrystale agreed to study with Professor Benjamin and the lessons she learned from him would prove to be invaluable. “I want you to be strong both in front of and behind the camera, Chrystale. You may not be a triple threat but you, my darling; are a FORCE!!” He would tell her.


Chrystales’ core set of values, her versatility and her ability to make lasting impressions always put her in a position to have mind blowing opportunities. So, when popular singing trio Tony, Toni, Tone’ offered her an opportunity to travel with them to her home town of Atlanta, GA for the “1993 Jack the Rapper Convention” as their assistant. Chrystale didn’t hesitate at the chance to get away. Although, she was making a life for herself in Sacramento she had a few rough patches along the way she couldn’t seem to shake. So the chance get away turned into Chrystale reclaiming Atlanta, GA as home.


Atlanta was filled with fresh, raw talent, especially musical talent, so Chrystale spent lots of time with like minded entertainment friends on the rise. She continued to nurture her spunky spirit and love of music; But the security of the corporate world made her question if she wanted to compromise her sure thing for the uncertainty of an entertainer’s life. It wasn’t until Chrystale’s boss encouraged her to go to an audition for a feature film being produced by Ice Cube; that she decided to take the chance. It was the first time someone in the “corporate world” actually encouraged her to step out into the “entertainment world”. This push of encouragement lead to a leap of faith and in l998, Chrystale debuted in The Players Club, a film written and produced by Ice Cube. It was as Ronnie, a scene-stealing villainess; Chrystale did what only true thespians are able to accomplish “ Make you love the villain”. Time and time again since being cast in this cult classic Chrystale has taken on risky characters and made them memorable.


Wilson is not your typical Hollywood diva but she is definitely an entertainment dynamo! She’s a writer, an actress and producer.


As an actress Chrystale has gone on to act in several films on both the big and small screen. She has toured the country with inspirational stage plays, working with some of today’s top playwrights, including Tyler Perry. Chrystale is also one of the first independent producers to produce a union film in Atlanta, Georgia,using Atlanta cast and crew. While going through the process of producing this film “Groupies” she realized the difficulties faced when it came to the industry believing in Atlanta’s talent pool to be a city to produce film/television projects. This prompted her to develop her production company “Porch Monkey Productions”. Chrystale went on to produce “ A Kudzu Christmas” that features director “Kenny Leon” (The Wiz Live) and other mainstream talent.” Kudzu” is the first original movie to be aired on the successful television network TV One and also the first independent urban holiday movie to be sold in Wal-mart stores.


Having earned the reputation for being a starlet as well as a producer, Chrystale has gone on to work behind the scenes on other major productions: Teen Wolf, Think Like a Man, Survivors Remorse and Creed; just to name a few.


Her talents don’t end there as she continues to be a trailblazer in her most recent endeavor by combining her erotic cookbook “Sexipes” with her seasoning line “Stuff Seasonings” Both receiving rave reviews!


This woman’s heart is not only displayed in her love for the arts but also in her love for all humanity. She is an advocate for the better treatment of our elderly and through a self-funded and organized annual event “Injured Angel Mixer”; Chrystale encourages her friends to donate products, which she personally distributes to inner city nursing homes during the holidays “Gifts for Grandparents”.


She also displays her love for animals as a volunteer at local “no kill” animal shelters P.A.W.S. Atlanta.


She lends her gift of speaking to various groups and panels addressing the important of acceptance and tolerance amongst people from different cultural backgrounds.


Chrystale...Actor, Producer, Writer… The Force!